Shiv Roy’s Journey: Exploring Women’s Power Dynamics in ‘Succession’ and its Implications

By Salamat Ibrahim

‘Succession’ is a powerhouse in our modern society with its ability to appeal to both young and old generations. By displaying business-related relationships in a somewhat understandable manner, while also focusing on the interpersonal relationships among its characters, ‘Succession’ speaks to the human condition and simultaneously creates characters with “unfathomable”  morals.

Breaking the Silence: Confronting Gender-Based Violence

By Salamat Ibrahim

While we’ve certainly made strides in acknowledging how gender based violence disproportionately affects Indigenous Women, and ensuring that we’ve paid respects to victims, we often fail to recognize the root causes of GBV against Indigenous Women. It is then our failure to accept these root causes that allows GBV against Indigenous Women to prevail and prevents our Canadian society from lending our full support, and funding to Indigenous communities.

The F Word: Feminism. Why we Still Need it

By Tiana Effon

There’s a conversation that I’m sure many others who identify as feminists have had. It goes something like this: “Are you a feminist?” “Yes.” “Oh, I’m not because feminists are so…” followed by many things that aren’t true about or believed by most feminists.