Toxic Productivity Culture and the #GirlBoss

By Autumn Victoria

If you’ve been using Instagram religiously over the past few years, you’ve probably had at least a couple posts promoting a level of productivity that seems impossible, creep onto your explore feed. For me, I see one roughly once a week and I’m not sure which of my interests would lead to the algorithm showing…

2021 Highlights in Gender Equality

By Priscilla Ojomu

causes, and social movements, the movement to achieve gender equality experienced some progress and regress in 2021. I’m sure we’re all too familiar with the 2021 news stories of worsened gender inequalities in many parts of the world, so instead, I’ll be focusing on what often gets disregarded or neglected – the moments that furthered gender equality. 

The Cycle of Abuse and Its Role in Intimate Partner Violence

By Eman Ahmed

Trigger Warning: Discussion of Cycles of Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence Cycles of abuse and intimate partner violence are both topics that, for many of us, may be foreign. While it is clear that abuse and violence affect individuals, these topics become somewhat taboo. Abuse cycles and intimate partner violence actively are working to…