Thoughts on Beauty Services Jobs

By Deena Goodrunning

I think all the jobs in the beauty services industry are a form of art. Styling hair, painting nails, applying makeup, threading and tinting brows, applying eyelash extensions —- all of these practices are forms of art. They all require incredible skill and eyes for detail and beauty, and I really dislike this idea that people who have beauty tech jobs must be unskilled and that the prices they charge for their services are too expensive.

Degrassi Desperately Needs to be Rebooted

By Brynn Niblett

Though many people in this generation only know Canadian teen TV classic Degrassi as the show that launched international superstar Drake, it has pushed boundaries and comforted young audiences for over four decades.

The Underbelly of Gender-Based Violence 

By Salamat Ibrahim

Violence in our society, especially gender-based violence, is not simply the fault of those who committed the crime. The blame lies, not only with the perpetrators but with those who continue to defend, excuse and enable them.