By Aaima Azhar

As a generation involved heavily in the world of social media, work culture, and constant “bad news,” overstimulation is a very real risk. It’s not just a fancy term for being bombarded consistently, but rather an explanation for why we often experience burnout. It exists widely around us, whether we choose to ignore it or…

Gender Equality as a Canvas for Achieving the Global Goals

By Priscilla Ojomu

If we claim that gender equality is being achieved in this present timeline, we need to define what we mean and who we include.

As an artist, I see gender equality as a shared canvas upon which different colours and tools come together to create a work of art that captures the beholder’s eye, provides meaning and serves as a framework of reference for them to assess other artworks.

What does this mean? Let’s break it down.

Issues surrounding the Vaccine: Vaccine Inequality and Misinformation

By Eman Ahmed

For nearly 2 years now, we as a global community have been concerned with one thing: the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve gone through the mask debate, the stay-at-home orders, and the transition back to work. However, one thing has been placed as the focal point of current conversation: the vaccine. The vaccine has been a vessel…