Therapy – various stereotypes, forms, and benefits

By Aaima Azhar

What is therapy? The concept is often shunned or twisted, being grossly misrepresented in society. “Shrinks” are considered taboo in many places. Talking about your feelings is seen as weak. Seeking out help is seen as “quitting.” But what if we shifted this narrative? Turned it inside out in a collective movement to make therapy…

“Tough on Crime, Tough on BIPOC”: The Racialized Interplay between Police Violence and The Prison System.

By Priscilla Ojomu

By putting the spotlight on Canada, the relationship between police brutality, racial profiling and the overrepresentation of marginalized groups in the prison population is examined, leaving no stone untouched. Government initiatives such as “tough on crime” strategies are analyzed to expose detrimental results such as increasing police violence, dangerous prison conditions, and the systemic oppression of BIPOC.

Islamophobia and France

By Eman Ahmed

France: The country of love and life. Known for its romance and coffee, bistros and outdoor cafe, and art. Personally, France was the country of my dreams. As a little girl, I romanticized the idea of falling in love in Paris while wearing chic clothing that came out of a Parisian boutique. I mean, hasn’t…