Cat-Calling: Call It What It Really Is


Merriam-Webster defines catcalling as “the act of shouting, harassing and often sexually suggestive, threatening, or derisive comments at someone publicly.” However, the same definition also defines it as an act of yelling disapproval at a sporting event. This is telling of where the lack of seriousness in regards to this form of harassment stems from.…

The Politicization of Modest Clothing


Women’s clothing, fashion and dress have been ridiculed for decades. The focus on what we wear and its messages constantly are the basis of how people, specifically women, are judged and controlled within society. Throughout history, there has been a focus on punishing women for wearing revealing clothing or showing too much skin. With the sexual…

Dear Black Girl: A Love Letter to My Younger Self


February is Black History Month & what some like to call the Month of Love. For me, it is a time of self-reflection as I often find myself reminiscing about the past and contemplating the future.

I recently came across a video I made in Grade 12 for my Media class. The video visualized my personal essay titled “Inner Shards,” and I was so delighted to find it because I thought I had permanently lost the essay due to technological issues. Now a 20-year-old Black woman, watching the video transported me into the past as I listened to then 17-year-old me narrate her story.

So, in the spirit of this month, I would like to share that story with you and dedicate a love letter to my younger self and all the young Black girls reading this.

“Resisting the Urge to Bleach”


Preface: This short editorial offers an account of my journey of overcoming personal insecurities rooted in anti-blackness.  The revelation came to pass one fateful day in the eighth grade when a classmate brought up the dark hue of my skin tone. The statement followed with surrounding laughter, and just like that, they erased the beauty…

Commodifying Self Care: Reflections on Jia Tolentino’s “Trick Mirror”


Illustrator: Unknown Let’s Talk Trick Mirror:  Jia Tolentino asked herself, “how do I have a personal relationship with my face wash?,” so I asked myself the same question, and began thinking more critically about the commodification of “self-care.”  In her book “Trick Mirror,” and more specifically, her essay “Always Be Optimizing,” Tolentino discusses the social…