Cat-Calling: Call It What It Really Is

By Autumn Victoria

The truth is that it’s not harmless and the way that it’s treated without seriousness is a large problem for women all over the world. One of the first ways that we can fix the issue and begin treating catcalling as what it is: sexual harassment.

The Politicization of Modest Clothing

By Eman Ahmed

Women’s clothing, fashion and dress have been ridiculed for decades. The focus on what we wear and its messages constantly are the basis of how people, specifically women, are judged and controlled within society.

“Resisting the Urge to Bleach”

By Yar Anyieth

I was naive – oblivious to the forms of anti-blackness that surrounded me. I had no conception that my skin colour was less desirable, less wanted, and less loved in the narrow ideals of society.