Palestine: Uncomplicating the “Complicated”

By Brynn Niblett

Though they have recently been gaining traction due to highly publicized events, international movements which stand in solidarity with Palestinian freedom and resistance are anything but new. Though modern political discourse attempts to frame this issue as too complex for the average person to understand or comment upon, it really isn’t.

The Inner Child- Nurturing, Valuing and Protecting

By Chloe Morris

The purest, most curious and free-spirited part of ourselves. Before the faculties of perception and reason were highly developed, and imagination and intuition took charge. Before the many ebbs and flows of life set the most authentic version of ourselves adrift.

Third Spaces

By Chloe Morris

Third spaces- a term coined to encapsulate the existence of a space separate from home, work or school. Quite literally- a third space. To hang out with friends, make new connections, or to simply exist in and enjoy independently. The use of third spaces has been represented in popular tv shows for decades, such as…

What Is “Bimbo Feminism” And Why Is It Harmful?

By Sophie Jickling

We live in an age where multiple different worldviews and opinions are available at our fingertips. While this is a wonderful opportunity to educate oneself and expand ideological knowledge, it also poses some risks. Social media is a breeding ground for the spread of harmful ideas and misinterpretations. One of these examples includes an “aesthetic”…