Violence Against Indigenous Women in Mexico and Canada: A Comparative Study

By Alejandra Padros

Mexico and Canada- two countries unified by their general history of settler-colonialism and violence towards Indigenous peoples- house an epidemic of violence towards Indigenous women that include “rape, forced disappearance, human trafficking, and murder” as frequent manifestations of violence (Marceau et al.). In both countries, these crimes often go on with impunity and without investigation…

Nisa Homes: transitional housing for victims of homelessness and domestic abuse

By Aaima Azhar

Women face insurmountable forms of domestic abuse, poverty, and shelter insecurity. We face struggles involving income, relationship strain, and marginalization. These stem from inequalities birthed form the very nature of our largely mysoginist and patriarchal societies – and Muslim women fit deeper into this intersection. Being a Muslim woman in a western society comes with…

Sexism in Academia: Finals Edition

By Chevaughn Phiri

It’s finally that time of year, the snow is melting and the days are longer, the smell of finals season lingers in the air as we slowly make our way through the final stretch of the winter semester. For some, this time of year brings a sense of hope and finals-induced anxiety as the school…

The Feminist Killjoy: Notes on Weaponizing Joy

By Priscilla Ojomu

It’s Women’s History Month – a time of the year where women’s achievements and contributions to society are highlighted and celebrated. Throughout the month, women’s narratives are centred on various platforms, emphasizing honour, celebration, joy. Joy, which is often displayed on social media through pictures of women with wide grins, can be weaponized. The concept of the Feminist Killjoy is a testament to the weaponization of collective joy against women in patriarchal societies.

The Music Industry and its Misogyny

By Eman Ahmed

Music and records have been played a massive role in the emotional release of people. Listening and absorbing these pieces have created connections and a community in which individuals feel understood. Our music goes through so many different processes before it even gets to us. The music industry has so many moving pieces. When it…