Queer Women are the Future of Music

By Megan Gervais

Members of the LGBTQ+ community have been part of the music industry forever, but just in the past decade we have seen a rise in the popularity of queer women making chart toppers. From massively popular artists to newcomers, queer women have been dominating the music market more than ever before.

Degrassi Desperately Needs to be Rebooted

By Brynn Niblett

Though many people in this generation only know Canadian teen TV classic Degrassi as the show that launched international superstar Drake, it has pushed boundaries and comforted young audiences for over four decades.

Who Was Pauline Johnson?

By Deena Goodrunning

Emily Pauline Johnson, more well known as Pauline Johnson or Tekahionwake, was a famous Indigenous performer and writer in Canadian history. Over the course of Pauline’s literary career she wrote several short stories, poems and essays that contributed greatly to the literary narrative of Canada.

Hollywood Needs More Female Directors

By Megan Gervais

In this post, I want to highlight some of my favourite films directed by women that I consider underrated. It’s important that we continue to support work created by women to ensure that it continues to be made.