Beyond Pink and Blue: What Barbie (2023) Says About The Patriarchy

By Salamat Ibrahim

By creating a conversation around patriarchy and the effects it has on individuals, Barbie (2023) subsequently begins a smaller, lesser explored conversation surrounding the concept of antagonism. Barbie (2023) has brought to light how eager we, as a community, are to establish a black and white narrative and label people “villains” and “heroes” despite obvious attempts of storytellers, like Greta Gerwig to emphasise the lack of a villain/heroes.

Female Pleasure On Film: We Deserve Better

By Brynn Niblett

This is a prevalent issue which is undoubtedly exacerbated by poor media representation, a lack of comprehensive sex education, and a continued societal prioritization of heterosexual, male sexuality over all others.

Misogyny Within Male-Dominated Fandoms

By Megan Gervais

Often when women are fans of something that has a predominantly male fanbase, they are made to prove themselves worthy of being a fan. For some reason, women gaining an interest in something that is typically liked by men raises tensions within the fandom communities.

It’s The Perfect Time To Watch “A League Of Their Own”

By Brynn Niblett

The show follows Carson Shaw and her journey with the Rockford Peaches, a newly-formed team in a women’s league created to boost morale and fill the gap of men’s professional sport as the Second World War was waged overseas. Here are the top ten reasons why now is the perfect time to catch up on A League of Their Own.