Palestine: Uncomplicating the “Complicated”

By Brynn Niblett

Though they have recently been gaining traction due to highly publicized events, international movements which stand in solidarity with Palestinian freedom and resistance are anything but new. Though modern political discourse attempts to frame this issue as too complex for the average person to understand or comment upon, it really isn’t.

Who Was Pauline Johnson?

By Deena Goodrunning

Emily Pauline Johnson, more well known as Pauline Johnson or Tekahionwake, was a famous Indigenous performer and writer in Canadian history. Over the course of Pauline’s literary career she wrote several short stories, poems and essays that contributed greatly to the literary narrative of Canada.

Power isn’t a synonym for integrity

By Deena Goodrunning

I feel there’s a misconception in some parts of society that having power and social status must also mean you’re a person of integrity and morals. And that it means you’re somehow better and superior if you have more power and social status than others.

The History Behind Women’s History Month

By Autumn Victoria

For many of us, celebrating and empowering women is a task that we’d like to feel accomplished throughout our daily lives. Annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated with social media posts thanking the women who’ve helped us become the way we are and articles showcasing the accomplishments of women who’ve inspired many.…