The History Behind Women’s History Month

By Autumn Victoria

For many of us, celebrating and empowering women is a task that we’d like to feel accomplished throughout our daily lives. Annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated with social media posts thanking the women who’ve helped us become the way we are and articles showcasing the accomplishments of women who’ve inspired many.…


By Yar Anyieth

It has been over a week since the world has celebrated International Women’s Day. Yet, the hype of female empowerment has not left our digital presence. From blogs covering stories of influential women to media posts outlining the struggles that limit women and girls globally, this year – and arguably this decade – has given immense visibility to the world of women.

We Give Celebrities Too Much

By Abigail Isaac

While the carefully curated ‘informality’ and intimacy of celeb social media accounts seem to close the gap between their lives and ours, the dysfunction that comes from divesting from our immediate relationships into fictional ones is real.