Canadian Public Policy and IRSSA: Colonialism or Reconciliation?

By Alejandra Padros

The Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) (2006) was articulated as a state mechanism of redress to address Canada’s history of violence towards Indigenous peoples and to serve justice to the victims of residential schools (Whyte, 2018: 282). Yet, numerous scholars of law and political science have argued that this policy’s content and implementation reveal…

Hot Girl Summer: 30+ Feminist Books, Podcasts & TV Series to Check Out!

By Priscilla Ojomu

Whatever your current circumstance is, you can still make this summer your Hot Girl Summer. The summer anthem is all about women empowerment, and there’s never been a more urgent time than this to feel empowered and to empower others.

Using an Intersectional lens, I’ve curated a list of 30+ Feminist Books, Podcasts, & TV Series for you to check out!

Gender Discrimination In Psychiatric Diagnoses

By Shelby Dumont

There are common gender differences in the general population in regards to psychiatric and mental health. Depression and anxiety disorders are more likely to be diagnosed in women whereas substance abuse issues are more common in men.  There may be gender differences in several types of psychiatric diagnoses between women and men. There are many…