Should Canada *Own* the Arctic? On Neoliberalism and Indigenous Sovereignty

By Alejandra Padros

Blog Summary   Inuit sovereignty is disempowered by the Canadian state as their sovereignty would threaten and compromise the state’s consolidation of the Arctic and its very profitable natural resources and waterways. Historically, Inuit self-determination and traditional economies have been overshadowed by the Government of Nunavut and the federal government and, in the wake of increasingly…

Mental Health Support and Universities (TW: Suicide and Trauma)

By Aaima Azhar

University has brought with it a plethora of advantages – more so now when more and more citizens require post-secondary education to attain stable employment. There is a trend towards acquiring at least a bachelor’s degree, and a culture of downplaying credentials of those who don’t. Aside from these societal conventions, post-secondary also comes with…

Palestine: A Breakdown*

By Chevaughn Phiri

*This blog is a “simplified” breakdown of the current Palestinian humanitarian crisis. In no way does this blog claim, promote or encourage anti-semitism in any way, shape or form. This blog contains information including history, educational resources, statistics, credible organizations, media coverage and donation platforms and is NOT an attempt to push any narrative. DO…

Avoiding the Danger of a Single Story in Social Justice Work.

By Priscilla Ojomu

A single story is a narrative that only focuses on or only “tells” one part of an individual or group’s experience. In the context of my CSL (Community Service Learning) placement, I realized how the social justice sector – an area that should be radically inclusive and progressive – can still be flooded with single stories and why it endangers the very communities we seek to protect.

Sectarian Violence In Pakistan

By Eman Ahmed

Shia and Sunni have been two sides of the same coin for centuries. While on the outside, the Muslim community presents a unified front. As much as this is true and there is a perpetuated vision of the Muslim community that is true in some sense, there is an internal conflict that is dictated by…