A Love Letter to Acne On-Screen (and Beyond)

By Brynn Niblett

Acne. It’s the most common skin condition in Canada and the United States by large margins. Yet, there is still a large stigma associated with acne, with much of this stigma being attributable to poor media representation.

Toxic Diet Culture on TikTok

By Megan Gervais

Toxic mindsets surrounding dieting have been around for many years, and TikTok is making sure that these ideas are instilled into the minds of the younger generations. The internet has become a place for the promotion of diet culture. ‘Diet culture’ has become a ubiquitous phrase online, but what exactly does it mean?

Big Mouth: Can TV Teach Us to Be Better People?

By Brynn Niblett

Though I understand why certain viewers could be turned off by the blunt way that the show tackles sexuality, adolescence, emotions, race and gender, I find this honesty to be its greatest strength. In a cultural atmosphere in which narratives about sex and puberty are often shrouded in shame and secrecy, the messages and lessons that Big Mouth posits are incredibly relevant.

Addiction to Junk Food: My Experience

By Deena Goodrunning

“Food addiction is when people are unable to stop eating certain types or large amounts of food when they want to, even if their food habits are causing their personal lives and relationships to suffer and causing them to suffer money trouble and serious health problems.”