It’s The Perfect Time To Watch “A League Of Their Own”

By Brynn Niblett

The show follows Carson Shaw and her journey with the Rockford Peaches, a newly-formed team in a women’s league created to boost morale and fill the gap of men’s professional sport as the Second World War was waged overseas. Here are the top ten reasons why now is the perfect time to catch up on A League of Their Own.

Cat-Calling: Call It What It Really Is

By Autumn Victoria

The truth is that it’s not harmless and the way that it’s treated without seriousness is a large problem for women all over the world. One of the first ways that we can fix the issue and begin treating catcalling as what it is: sexual harassment.

Opinion | Nothing Can Redeem JK Rowling

By Eman Ahmed

Growing up in my tight-knit family, Harry Potter was one of the many things we bonded over. Sitting at the kids’ table eating dinner while the Philosophers Stone or the Chamber of Secrets runs in the background until my dad bursts in when he finishes his dinner to eat his food was a very mundane…

The Hypocrisy of League of Legends Conglomerate: Riot Games

By Omar Mouhammed

League of Legends is a cultural phenomenon. With 80 million monthly players, “League” has transcended into pop culture. Beyond simply playing the game, there are many that are now able to play League as a career. With the company behind League of Legends: Riot Games, crafting emotional storylines around several of the professional players, it…