Female Pleasure On Film: We Deserve Better

By Brynn Niblett

This is a prevalent issue which is undoubtedly exacerbated by poor media representation, a lack of comprehensive sex education, and a continued societal prioritization of heterosexual, male sexuality over all others.

Hollywood Needs More Female Directors

By Megan Gervais

In this post, I want to highlight some of my favourite films directed by women that I consider underrated. It’s important that we continue to support work created by women to ensure that it continues to be made. 

The Power of Indigenous Filmmaking: A Spotlight

By Brynn Niblett

Our country’s history is one of violence, both in terms of the land and the culture that was, and continues to be, stolen from Indigenous peoples. It is clear that decolonization is the responsibility of all of us. This is a process which requires continual work and a conscious unlearning of the narratives we have been fed.

Opinion: You Should Care About the Artist Behind the Art

By Eman Ahmed

Art in itself is a reflection of the individual who creates it.  While we can include certain exceptions, putting your name alongside a piece of work associates you with its contents. Whether it’s film or books, murals or singers, the artist will always have a meaning behind the images and narratives that they create.  The…