Homelessness and Winter in Canada: What Can We Do?

By Autumn Victoria

As I write this, I’m sitting at my desk in the basement of the home where I’ve found stability for the past twenty years of my life. Clad in a new pair of pajama bottoms, an overpriced hoodie that reminds me of when I used to attend concerts frequently during my pre-COVID life, and a…

On The White Gaze

By Abigail Isaac

This recognition is important, but I would like us to think a bit more critically about the ways in which we are perceived. For those of us with intersecting identities, the “male gaze” is far too limited a term to capture how we have been surveilled. So, I put to you: the white gaze. 

Nisa Homes: transitional housing for victims of homelessness and domestic abuse

By Aaima Azhar

Women face insurmountable forms of domestic abuse, poverty, and shelter insecurity. We face struggles involving income, relationship strain, and marginalization. These stem from inequalities birthed form the very nature of our largely mysoginist and patriarchal societies – and Muslim women fit deeper into this intersection. Being a Muslim woman in a western society comes with…