Who Was Pauline Johnson?

By Deena Goodrunning

Emily Pauline Johnson, more well known as Pauline Johnson or Tekahionwake, was a famous Indigenous performer and writer in Canadian history. Over the course of Pauline’s literary career she wrote several short stories, poems and essays that contributed greatly to the literary narrative of Canada.

An Interview With Nisha Patel

By Deena Goodrunning

Cover image credit from the City of Edmonton Nisha Patel is a University of Alberta alumni and among many accomplishments is the author of the poetry book Coconut. Additionally she was also the eighth poet laureate of Edmonton and has co-founded a local and Edmontonion partnership publishing house called Moon Jelly House. On November 19,…

On The White Gaze

By Abigail Isaac

This recognition is important, but I would like us to think a bit more critically about the ways in which we are perceived. For those of us with intersecting identities, the “male gaze” is far too limited a term to capture how we have been surveilled. So, I put to you: the white gaze.