Queer Women are the Future of Music

By Megan Gervais

Members of the LGBTQ+ community have been part of the music industry forever, but just in the past decade we have seen a rise in the popularity of queer women making chart toppers. From massively popular artists to newcomers, queer women have been dominating the music market more than ever before.

Finding the Feminism in Hip Hop

By Tiana Effon

Hip hop has a bad reputation. Many people view it as promoting misogyny and violence, and have a specific type of person in mind when they think of hip hop listeners.

The Music Industry and its Misogyny

By Eman Ahmed

Music and records have been played a massive role in the emotional release of people. Listening and absorbing these pieces have created connections and a community in which individuals feel understood. Our music goes through so many different processes before it even gets to us. The music industry has so many moving pieces. When it…