The Power of Indigenous Filmmaking: A Spotlight


Indigenous filmmakers use their art as platforms to reclaim Indigenous humanity and to validate their struggles on a wider stage. The three films in this post, all of which are directed by Indigenous women, explore Indigenous experiences in exciting new ways.  TW: Discussions of colonial violence, including residential schools and MMIWG2S.  The recent recognition of…



But like any movement, online or on the streets, there will always be ways to improve for the better.” It has been over a week since the world has celebrated International Women’s Day. Yet, the hype of female empowerment has not left our digital presence. From blogs covering stories of influential women to media posts…

Dear Black Girl: A Love Letter to My Younger Self


February is Black History Month & what some like to call the Month of Love. For me, it is a time of self-reflection as I often find myself reminiscing about the past and contemplating the future.

I recently came across a video I made in Grade 12 for my Media class. The video visualized my personal essay titled “Inner Shards,” and I was so delighted to find it because I thought I had permanently lost the essay due to technological issues. Now a 20-year-old Black woman, watching the video transported me into the past as I listened to then 17-year-old me narrate her story.

So, in the spirit of this month, I would like to share that story with you and dedicate a love letter to my younger self and all the young Black girls reading this.

Avoiding the Danger of a Single Story in Social Justice Work.


A single story is a narrative that only focuses on or only “tells” one part of an individual or group’s experience. In the context of my CSL (Community Service Learning) placement, I realized how the social justice sector – an area that should be radically inclusive and progressive – can still be flooded with single stories and why it endangers the very communities we seek to protect.

The Other Side Isn’t Greener: Prejudice and Discrimination in the Modelling Industry


Within the age of technology, we often find ourselves comparing our lives to those we praise on social media. Models, influencers, YouTubers, celebrities… the list goes on. But have you ever stopped to consider the main difference between these people and yourself? As women within a highly discriminatory society facing various forms of prejudice, these…