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Blacklight Part III

The Black Students’ Association and Women Empowering Women have come together to host a virtual community conversation that we hope to be a recurring safe space that promotes intersectionality and black solidarity. This virtual space will be a place to gather and be authentic. To bring awareness, acknowledgment, and attention to the issues the Black community faces. To rely on one another for possible remedies and potential resolutions. To share all our experiences whether they are common or unique. Whether they are lighthearted or somber.


The theme of this event is Mental Health. All proceeds go to ArTeMo, a program out of the Africa Center that is an alternative collaborative approach to promoting mental health among Black Canadian Youth and their families in Edmonton and Calgary in order to improve their psychological, emotional and social wellbeing.

Donation Link:https://www.africacentre.ca/make-a-donation
1. Choose your donation method
2. Click Donation type ‘Other’ and Type ArTeMo
3. Take a screenshot of the receipt/conformation (with the amount) and attach it to the bottom of this google form


10 Sep 2020


An email will be sent at 5:55 with the stream link
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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