Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here and I have the best news ever – this month was one of expression and my many sources did not hold back their tongues. SIKE! For this week’s blog, although not an anonymous gossip blast, instead features the voices of and a deeper dive into the scandalous lives of WEW’s elite [online community]. Through understanding our emotions, we may better understand how to deal with our relationships, and furthermore, how what we may be missing on the inside projects through our character on the outside.

This project is titled Through My Eyes because it was a chance for me to see and now for you all to read, how others see the world and what advice they have to offer about their experiences. To gather this information, I sent out a form and had readers complete it anonymously- below are some of their responses. 

This blog was inspired by the card game We’re Not Really Strangers, here is a sample card, courtesy of: instagram.com/werenotreallystrangers

The first question I asked respondents was: How are you, really? It was a simple filler question to get participants more self aware of their emotions. This yielded a significant amount of โ€œtired” answers (15) with some discussing their mental exhaustion, sadness and even physical exhaustion. Others said they felt impulsive and some even angry. At the very end, I asked respondents what emotion they thought they felt the strongest, and comparing answers was quite interesting.

Question two:  What is something you wish was different about the world? This one was pretty self explanatory, and a good display of how politically aware respondents are of their responsibilities. When exploring world issues however, you must remember to not fall victim to the trap of performative activism. There are people who must fight everyday for the same privileges you cannot even imagine living without. You must your voice to speak up for this reason – not just with pity posts on a social platform, but also in changing your lifestyle. Below are the answers of the respondents⤵️

Fighting for change means voting, raising funds and switching to POC based businesses. It means difficult conversations, boycotts against discrimination, and spreading awareness. It means lobbying for your institution to have more resources for minorities and more inclusive policies. It means switching to environmentally conscious products, and attending protests: even if you are not someone directly affected by the cause. Remember that you cannot stop at reposting an Instagram story.

Question three: if you had a relationship or falling out, What was the last thing they said to you?  This question certainly evoked emotion and I imagine it was difficult to answer for some – not because of it’s complexity but because it made the reader reconnect with old and suppressed memories. Each answer is subjective and as an outsider, reading through these responses pulls at your heart strings when imagining the melancholy and confusion others had to go through.

Question four: What did they teach you?  We can all learn from each other, and these responses serve to show others the lessons their peers learned in the demise of their relationships. Although at its best, what you had may have been beautiful, your memorization of such must halter, as you must not forget the reasons as to why it had to end. You must not forget how they made you feel and try to justify the worst of times with those of the best. This is not to say that you cannot change – that you cannot forgive someone or that you cannot heal: but a healthy relationship has a balance, and mending a wound requires effort on both sides of the tear. Look to the pink page for responses ⤵️

The butterfly effect truly is amazing- every little thing that has ever happened has led you to where you are right now. Just imagine how different your life would be if youโ€™d never met them, if they were still here, or if things had happened just one day later.

Question five: What do you wish you could change about yourself? Most responses were about their own character, with respondents wishing for more drive, a better mindset, and less procrastination. Many were about gaining confidence (5) and standing up for themselves (12 total, pushover gang <3). Although these traits may be perceived as flaws, remember you are still worthy of love even if you think you’re too sensitive or too moody or too naรฏve.

Even if you’d look better if you were taller or had lighter hair or a straighter smile. Even if you have a bit of a temper or struggle to express yourself: you are still capable of being loved.

Question six: What emotion do you feel the strongest? seven people said anger, three said anxiety, two said shame, and five said sadness. From this, I can conclude that: we are all going through it. Answers are below ⤵️

Last Question, fill in the blank: One day I wish to _____________, below are the responses ⤵️

The Unsent Project Feature: A fun website I discovered a while back that follows a similar concept of what I had requested, is known as “The Unsent Project.” Originally, the unsent project was started in 2015 by Rora Blue, who asked people from all over the world to send texts that they would’ve sent to a loved one but didn’t: essentially becoming “unsent.” Today, anyone from all over the world can create a new post and submit their own “unsent” text to the website. It’s really simple to use, and even has a cute color feature, where you make the post the color you “see love in.” If you have suppressed emotions that you ever want to let out anonymously to that one person, then definitely consider making a submission to this forum. Below are example posts and you can even search the websites’ archives for your own name or others’! The Unsent Project Link: https://theunsentproject.com/

NASA Hubble Telescope: Another interesting website that I love and am sure others would too is NASA’s Hubble space telescope website! Although this website exists to show what NASA had seen on your birthday, it very well works for any inputted date, and will show you what was seen in space in that moment in time. (Different years are present for different dates). Looking up your birthday, your parents’ wedding anniversary or the day you and your loved one split, can be really interesting in seeing how the Universe expressed itself through the stars, the day your moment occurred. Here’s the link! https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/what-did-hubble-see-on-your-birthday Below is a sample image⤵️

August 18th 2003

What’s important to take away from this is that you are not alone. Many respondents expressed tension and suppressed emotions in their answers, things they may not normally express with one another. As an individual who has struggled with her mental health, I realize that these answers may not just be temporary emotions and that there is a chance that for a lot of people, there could be something more going on. It is hard to admit you need help, but there is certainly no shame in doing so. Prioritizing yourself is essential, and the potential for things to change once you finally do speak up is much greater than any negative backlash you fear you may receive. You can’t take care of things on the outside until you heal what’s broken on the inside. Below are some resources to get you started, what happens next? Only time will tell, XOXO.


https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/suicide-prevention/warning-signs.html – Government suicide prevention website.

https://www.ysbnow.com/resources-and-hotlines-for-people-who-are-women-poc-disabled-homeless-lgbtq-more/ – Really helpful blog page of different websites and phone resources targeted towards minorities.

7 Cups of Tea Online Therapy: This website is a really great resource to chat for free with volunteer supporters, or help set up online therapy session! It has been recognized by academic institutions, so rest assured it is a great resource for getting started! https://www.7cups.com

Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay: This website has lots of articles and links you can read or follow about ways to support your friends during tough times, show your friends that you care! https://makesureyourfriendsareokay.com/#Resources

The Trevor Project This website has lots of resources targeted towards providing mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth. Spread this as an ally to show your support, there is strength in numbers. https://www.thetrevorproject.org/resources/

Spotify slowed n reverbed playlists🎵💽 (lit songs for when you’re sad)




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If you read all the way through this ily ๐Ÿ™‚ stay safe & happy XOXO – Sara