Breaking the Silence: Confronting Gender-Based Violence

By Salamat Ibrahim

While we’ve certainly made strides in acknowledging how gender based violence disproportionately affects Indigenous Women, and ensuring that we’ve paid respects to victims, we often fail to recognize the root causes of GBV against Indigenous Women. It is then our failure to accept these root causes that allows GBV against Indigenous Women to prevail and prevents our Canadian society from lending our full support, and funding to Indigenous communities.

Environmental Racism in Canada

By Alejandra Padros

Case Studies on ‘Chemical Valley’ (ON) and Fort Chipewyan (AB) Environmental racism is a strategy for colonialism often mobilized by states that simultaneously pursue the growth of their economy and the genocide of particular racialized populations. In this blog I unpack the logistics of extractive industry in Fort Chipewyan (AB) and ‘Chemical Valley’ (ON) to…

Canadian Public Policy and IRSSA: Colonialism or Reconciliation?

By Alejandra Padros

The Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) (2006) was articulated as a state mechanism of redress to address Canada’s history of violence towards Indigenous peoples and to serve justice to the victims of residential schools (Whyte, 2018: 282). Yet, numerous scholars of law and political science have argued that this policy’s content and implementation reveal…