Palestine: Uncomplicating the “Complicated”

By Brynn Niblett

Though they have recently been gaining traction due to highly publicized events, international movements which stand in solidarity with Palestinian freedom and resistance are anything but new. Though modern political discourse attempts to frame this issue as too complex for the average person to understand or comment upon, it really isn’t.

This Graphic Novel is Healing my Childhood Self

By Brynn Niblett

As goofy as it sounds, children’s media can be particularly helpful, because it is a complete change of pace from the expectations of adult/academic life. I find that the simplicity of children’s media can be its greatest strength, revealing profound lessons and truths in a simple, comforting package. Lately, my comfort food of choice has been a junior graphic novel by Misty Wilson called Play Like a Girl.

Beyond Pink and Blue: What Barbie (2023) Says About The Patriarchy

By Salamat Ibrahim

By creating a conversation around patriarchy and the effects it has on individuals, Barbie (2023) subsequently begins a smaller, lesser explored conversation surrounding the concept of antagonism. Barbie (2023) has brought to light how eager we, as a community, are to establish a black and white narrative and label people “villains” and “heroes” despite obvious attempts of storytellers, like Greta Gerwig to emphasise the lack of a villain/heroes.