But like any movement, online or on the streets, there will always be ways to improve for the better.” It has been over a week since the world has celebrated International Women’s Day. Yet, the hype of female empowerment has not left our digital presence. From blogs covering stories of influential women to media posts…

On The White Gaze


Image by Jenni Holt, 14 East The words and legacies of literary giants like Toni Morrison, Franz Fanon, and bell hooks serve as a roadmap towards unpacking what the white gaze is, how it shows up in our lives, and how to resist it. “All ‘round me the white man, above the sky tears at…

Gender Equality as a Canvas for Achieving the Global Goals


If we claim that gender equality is being achieved in this present timeline, we need to define what we mean and who we include.

As an artist, I see gender equality as a shared canvas upon which different colours and tools come together to create a work of art that captures the beholder’s eye, provides meaning and serves as a framework of reference for them to assess other artworks.

What does this mean? Let’s break it down.