This Graphic Novel is Healing my Childhood Self

By Brynn Niblett

As goofy as it sounds, children’s media can be particularly helpful, because it is a complete change of pace from the expectations of adult/academic life. I find that the simplicity of children’s media can be its greatest strength, revealing profound lessons and truths in a simple, comforting package. Lately, my comfort food of choice has been a junior graphic novel by Misty Wilson called Play Like a Girl.

How to Look at Art

By Chloe Morris

Art is for everybody. Life imitates art and art imitates life- it is a curated vehicle of the artist’s vision and the human experience. Whether in a museum, concert, theatre, library or singing around a campfire- humans have always gathered to share in the observation of art. There is nothing more human than sharing art and sharing in the experience of observing it.